Each year, with funding from the New York State Archives, METRO works with local experts to provide professional training, consultations, collection development, and best practices and strategic planning guidance to repositories  in the New York City and Westchester County region working to acquire, preserve, and make available archival records.

METRO’s Keeping Collection project is a part of the broader Documentary Heritage Program (DHP) funded by the New York State Archives. METRO provides:

  • Training and workshops on tools, technologies, and practices.
  • Consultative services including site visits and one-on-one communications providing guidance and advice on archival standards and practices.
  • Informal round tables and working groups in which archivists and collection managers can share knowledge and network.
  • Online resources including guides, bibliographies, and online tutorials.
  • Public programming and special events focusing on archives and preservation issues.

The DHP program has a number of objectives. It aims to:

  • Support “improved adherence to archival standards and best practices” for all aspects of the archival endeavor regardless for records in all formats.
  • Ensure the collection and preservation of records documenting “New York’s under-documented population groups and topics.”
  • Provide assistance in promoting the use and awareness of archival collections through programs, special events, online guides, and training and networking opportunities.
  • Assist repositories with advocacy,  identifying additional funding options, and  potential grant opportunities.

View descriptions of some of our past program partners and contractors for the DHP program.

See a list of METRO’s DHP Advisory Council members.

Find out about additional funding opportunities available through the Statewide Documentary Heritage Program managed by The New York State Archives.

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